PCB layout
Production and development of electronic devices

Customer PCB layout

Realisation is according to customer specification (schematics design, mechanical drawing, required components, etc.)

Supported design systems:

  • PADS
  • OrCAD
  • Eagle
  • Protel
  • LSD2000
  • and others

Most of our designs are made in Eagle, OrCAD a PADS.


0,35 to 1,5 EUR per connected pin, depends also on layout complexity and used technology for example HDI
15-30,- EUR per hour fro schematics redrawing from printed material and associated works
minimal contract amount is 100,- EUR


Dependant on design complexity, can be finished in few hours, days a weeks for complex projects.

Design is continuously consulted with customer. Customers will receive complete documentation ready for production.

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